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Distributed Computing RMI

The aim of this is to implement a distributed system for a major computer manufacturerand distributor called Banana. Banana builds smartphones, laptops and desktop computers, which are thensold in Ban

python polynomial class

 the aim of this checkpoint to write a python class to represent a polynomial and to use this class to perform simple mathematical operations on polynomials. 

ackdoor Web Server

澳大利亚代写assignment,代写论文,essay代写推荐-cs小码神代写A critical part of establishing persistence on a system is to leave a “backdoor” that allows the hacker access to the system at a later date, without exploiting the same vulnerabilities (t

Image Retrieval System

   Implement a Simple Content-Based Image Retrieval System   Description:   CSS 490 B Multimedia Data Processing This project is to implment a simple Content-Based Image

Monopoly Game in C

You will be implementing a simplified version of Monopoly called hoarding. The basic premise of
the game is as follows: players take turns rolling dice to move themselves around the board,
buying spaces as they go. If a player lands on a space another player owns they pay the owner




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